About Us

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Our Vision

To preserve the Yorùbá language as a vehicle of the Yorùbá people’s vital and living cultural heritage and promote the use of Yorùbá in all domains of national life.

Our Mission

(a)     To make the Yoruba language a major Instrument for transmitting scientific and technological knowledge especially to the Yoruba people at the grass roots.


(b)     As a corollary to (a) above, to empower the Yoruba people at the grass roots by allowing them to gain access to information and participate meaningfully in the domains of science, technology, legislation, commerce, etc, using the Yoruba medium.

Officers of CEYOLENG

Prof. Kọla Owolabi – Chairman/CEO
Prof. Oludokun Ọlọpade – Secretary
Prof. Tunde Adeniran – Financial Secretary
Mr Alao Adedayọ – Public Relation Officer (PRO)
Prof. Ṣẹgun Awonusi – Editor-in-Chief
Ọmọlabakẹ Serifat Owolabi (B.A. Yoruba, M.A. Peace and Conflict Studies, Ibadan) – Administrative Secretary/Researcher

Consultants  and Collaborators

Emeritus Professor Ayọ Bamgboṣe, FNAL, NNOM
Emeritus Professor Ayọ Banjọ, FNAL, CON, NNOM
Professor Ọladele Awobuluyi, FNAL