Aims and objectives

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Aims and objectives

1. To channel efforts towards the modernization and application of Yoruba language in specialized domains.


2. To make all relevant resource materials available in the Yoruba medium to the ordinary citizens who speak and understand only the Yoruba language.


3. To facilitate professional practice (e.g. in hospital legislative houses, courts of law, etc) through the instrument of Yoruba language.


4. To serve as an instrument for systematically developing the Yoruba language and promoting its use in various domains.


5. To promote the generation of domain-specific information and knowledge through scientific and technological research using the Yoruba medium.


6. To record and process in databases, information, and knowledge generated as indicated in (5) above.


7. To produce in specialized texts, the information, and knowledge generated as indicated in (5) above.


8. To pass on via teaching and training, the information and knowledge generated as indicated in (5) above.


9. To translate and interpret, wherever and whenever necessary, the information and knowledge generated as indicated in (5) above.


10. To bridge the digital divide and build knowledge society using the Yoruba medium.


11. To promote grassroots awareness, actively empower the populace and inspire or enhance citizen involvement/participation as far as developmental activities are concerned using the Yoruba medium.


12. To provide easy access to scientific and technological information and knowledge via the Yoruba medium.


13. To develop skills via technology and knowledge transfer using the Yoruba medium.


14. To engage in Yoruba language access advocacy.


15. To engage conceitedly in conceptual innovations concerning the creation of new Yoruba terms in various technical areas.


16. To translate into Yoruba all relevant documents, reports and research findings relating to technical areas as a way of making information readily available for the local populace for the good of the nation’s development.


17. To collaborate with the relevant Faculties and Departments in our universities on the use of Yoruba language for their extension services and ensure that the extension services produce optimal results.


18. To liaise with governments at all levels, governments agencies, companies, ministries, corporations, universities, semi-official Foundations and Trusts, NGO’s, etc., to translate into Yoruba, all of their materials or documents produced in foreign languages but which have implications for the well-being of the masses and can empower them economically and socially.


19. To compile, in volumes, dictionaries and glossaries of technical terms in Yoruba for use by the various governments, professional bodies, the local populace, etc.


20. To organize workshops, seminars, conferences and training courses in the Yoruba medium for legislators, professionals, media practitioners and laymen, the local populace, etc.


21. To train translators and interpreters.


22. To organize terminology meetings and harmonize The Centre’s terminologies with other (existing) terminological contributions.


23. To encourage and promote grassroots awareness, empowerment and participation using the Yoruba medium.


24. To design and organize media events and activities that will encourage and promote the use of Yoruba for the dissemination and application of domain-specific knowledge at the grassroots level, for familial communication especially between parents and children, etc.


25. To vigorously canvas support for the use of Yoruba, and provide language services in that regard, in all the Houses of Assembly in the South West, in particular, kindergarten or nursery schools in the South-West States in particular, and for writing applications to administrative authorities, public institutions.


26. To establish links with various bodies, organizations, institutions, etc, with similar goals and objectives, including bodies, organizations, and institutions, within and outside Nigeria.


27. To engage in all such activities and render such services that will make the development, promotion, and use of Yoruba in all domains take full advantage of developments in ICT.


28. To engage in other activities geared towards the attainment of the set goals and objectives.