Areas of Focus

Terminology development:

This consists of the creation and documentation of Yoruba technical terms in various domains (e.g health, including HIV/AIDS, legislation, business, commerce and industry, agriculture, technology, transportation, education, administration, etc) to serve the purpose of facilitating knowledge transfer in the Yoruba medium especially to the grass roots.


The Centre engages in large scale translation of domain-specific resource materials or documents into Yoruba for the purposes of encouraging and promoting grass roots awareness, empowerment and participation. In this connection, the Centre has to establish a link and forge partnership with governments at all levels, government agencies, corporations, universities, semi official Foundations and Trusts, NGO’s etc.

Skill Development:

The skill development activities of The Centre include designing and organizing media events, organizing seminars, workshops, conferences and training courses, running proficiency courses, etc in the Yoruba medium.

Language access advocacy:

The Centre vigorously advocates the use of Yoruba and provide language services in that regard in ICT-based activities, legislative houses, kindergarten or nursery schools, writing,.applications to administrative authorities, public institutions, etc., and writing replies to such applications, writing food and drug information, etc.;