To channel efforts towards the modernization and application of Yorùbá language in specialized domains.

To make all relevant resource materials available in the Yorùbá medium to the ordinary citizens who speak and understand only the Yorùbá language.

To record and process in data bases, information and knowledge generated as indicated in (5) above.

To provide easy access to scientific and technological information and knowledge via the Yorùbá medium.


This is a lucid and well-structured Yorùbá translation of the functions of a Local Government Council as contained in the fourth Schedule of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999. It also contains a list of Yorùbá – English terms relevant to the subject matter, pictorial samples of functions y a Government Council and a list the Local Government Councils as well as their headquarters in each y the Yorùbá-speaking States Ekiti, Lagos, Kogi, Kwara, and Oyo.

More Completed Projects

The areas of Focus of The Centre

(a) Terminology development:

This consists of the creation and documentation of Yorùbá technical terms in various domains (e.g health, including HIV/AIDS, legislation, business, commerce and industry, agriculture, technology, transportation, education, administration, etc) to serve the purpose of facilitating knowledge transfer in the Yorùbá medium especially to the grass roots.


(b) Translation:

The Centre engages in large scale translation of domain-specific resource materials or documents into Yorùbá for the purposes of encouraging and promoting grass roots awareness, empowerment and participation. In this connection, the Centre has to establish a link and forge partnership with governments at all levels, government agencies, corporations, universities, semi official Foundations and Trusts, NGO’s etc.

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